Sunday, January 24, 2010

Margarita Island

Every time I can, I visit Margarita Island in Nueva Esparta State, Venezuela.

Today, you can take a plane from different parts around the globe directly to this tropical island without stopping in Caracas.

From Anzoategui State, in Puerto la Cruz, you can go to Margarita by ferry in 3 or 4 hours (it all depends which Ferry, I recommend you to use the Express (3 hrs or less), it's cleaner, secure and faster.

I usually stay for 3-4 days and you can visit every corner of the island, plus the neighbors such as Cubagua and Coche. Naturally, you'll find lots of beaches and every one of them are different and perfect for every one. My favorite one is El Yaque (close to the airport and ferry port), although it's pretty windy but it's a great spot to practice sports such as Kite and Wind surf. From there, you can take a boat to Coche Island. At El Yaque, you can find small hotels but perfect to stay and relax, restaurants along the beach, a pizzeria, few stores. It's a small town that makes you fee away from everything. Even at night, especially during the weekends or holidays, a great party takes place by few deejays at the beach, so forget about shoes, join the party in your swimming suit! 

If you rent a car, however you can find a taxi everywhere (always try to get them from the hotel or a mall), take a trip around the island. I did it once and it was amazing to see a lot of the beaches, gorgeous views and great places to stop and take a picture. Remember how cheap the gas is in Venezuela!

Other beaches to visit, El Agua and Parguito, the party will begin at the beach during the highest season (specially during Holy week and carnival). There are very pleasant hotels by El Agua beach, plus restaurants in front of the beach, and little stores perfect to buy souvenirs for family and friends that are missing out the fun in Margarita Island!

Pampatar another place you can't miss to go. Restaurants where you can enjoy a fun time with friends or a romantic moment with that special one. Plus there's a fort where you can enjoy the gorgeous view to the bay.

Close to Pampatar, Sambil mall will invite you buy from its stores, from local to international brands. Remember Margarita is taxes free!

In Juan Griego, you'll find another fort on top of the hill, and take a walk around the stores in town. Since Margarita is located in the Caribbean sea, there are a lot of forts to visit, each one with different history.

Late in the afternoon, walk by 4 de Mayo and Santiago Mariño. Lots of stores, vendors by the sidewalk where you can find handicrafts and more from locals.

Naturally, Margarita not only brings you the best during the day, the night life is full of energy wherever you go! Visit the beautiful place of Kamy Beach (yes, right by the beach!). One of my favorite places to visit is an English pub 'The British Bulldog' at Centro Comercial Costa Azul. Live music every night with great local bands, in English or Spanish, it is a great place to hang out. If feel like going to a chill out place, I really like spending some time in Yaque Beach, where they have few lounges by the beach.

Remember to watch Acceso Total's video about Margarita and Coche Island! What are you waiting for to book your trip?? :)

Keep clean the beaches and places you visit!

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